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70 min, $360

This is the ultimate skin-renewing service with minimal downtime which breaks down scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and pigment. This treatment includes face, eyelids, lips and jawline.

Dermapen Value Package: Buy 4 x Dermapen + 2 x LED + 2 x Pro Dermal Peels $1680 (SAVE $300)

UPGRADES (added to any Dermapen service above)
Uber Pro Peel +$40
DP Premium Meso Glide +$50
Dermapen Both Hands +$50
Neck and Decolletage +$100

Dermapen is a revolutionary micro-needling device that works to tighten, correct and rejuvenate skin. This active skin treatment is proven to help treat aging, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, scarring, and much more. The automated needling motion minimizes pain and discomfort which means there is no need for a topical anesthetic like most other needling treatments. It is as effective as Fractional Laser Therapy or IPL but has a significantly shorter recovery period.

Dermapen offers exceptional results and has better precision and control than leading alternatives at a fraction of the price. A must-have treatment for those wanting to improve their skin health to the best it can be.

The actual ‘needling part’ of this advanced treatment is super quick and during the soothing after-mask, we’ll pamper you with a relaxing shoulder massage. Talk to us about our awesome ‘value packages’ and let’s get your skin healthy and glowing!

Note: Dermapen is not available for online booking as skin must be prepped with OCosmedics skincare for a minimum of 2 weeks prior.

Dermapen: Service
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