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Medispa Products & Protocols 


Cove Spa is a proudly recognized Diamond Ambassador for Inskin Cosmedics. The products we recommend are of the highest quality and give effective, long term results for optimum skin health.
OCosmedics is our first choice due to its high concentrations of active ingredients, however some skins may be more suited to our ‘cosmeceutical’ skin care ranges, Ginger & Me Neurocosmedics and/or emerginC.


OCosmedics is a ‘cosmedical’ range of skin care with the most effective active ingredients than can be utilised without a medical prescription. These products have the ability to not only target present damage, but also past skin damage. We recommend prior to undergoing any ‘Advanced Facial Treatments’ at Cove Spa, you incorporate this skincare into your daily routine, a minimum of 2 weeks prior. This will ensure you receive maximum results and that your skin is adequately prepared for the highly concentrated, active ingredients contained within the OCosmedics professional range.

Why do I have to use OCosmedics or Cosmeceutical Skin Care before having an
Advanced Skin Treatment?

Imagine running a marathon without doing any training… you’d probably either give up midway through, or you’d be sore and no doubt in some discomfort! Having an advanced skin treatment without using OCosmedics a minimum of 2 weeks prior, could be compared to this… your skins ‘fitness’ will be gradually increased by drip feeding it daily with active ingredients. The Cove Spa Staff attend regular advanced dermal education, so you need to trust us with your skin and follow our recommendations for ultimate results. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, so we call this the ultimate in ‘skin training’, ready to achieve peak skin health and fitness!


I’d like to make some corrective changes to my skin. What are my options? 

Step 1:
We have created a basic OCosmedics essentials package as an Introductory Offer, combining Homecare and a Facial. You’ll start with a wash off cleanser, a pigment blocker, treatment cream & SPF 30+. You’ll also receive an in-spa deep exfoliating facial treatment to start you on your path to optimum skin health. Please be advised this is a guide only. After a thorough skin consultation, we may choose to swap some of the O products below for G&M Neurocosmedics or emerginC.

OCosmedics Introductory Offer $365:

1. Gentle Anti Oxidant Cleanser (value $54)

2. Treatment Serum (value $94 – $121)
3. Treatment Hydrator (value $104)
4. Mineral Pro SPF 30+ (value $49)
5. In-Spa Pro Dermal Peel (value $145) 


This offer represents fantastic value for money, saving you in excess of one hundred dollars. We have 3 options below to make your life easy…

– I can’t get to Cove Spa this week and would prefer to have my OCosmedics Introductory products posted. Order here

– I’d prefer to book online for a face to face $30 Consultation at Cove Spa with cost redeemable on products. Click here

– I have some questions and would prefer to speak in person. Please call us on 9367 1877 so we can make the perfect recommendations for you. 

Medispa Advanced


Step 2:
Now that your skin is prepped and ready to go, you’re looking forward to taking things a step further with some technologically advanced treatments. 

If you’re looking for skin correction in the form of Anti Ageing, Acne clearance, Pigmentation clearance, Scarring clearance, or a reduction in congestion and pore size, then you’re in the right place because this is our FAVOURITE thing to do. The results we see with our methods are nothing short of incredible!

I’m already an O Addict, I’d like to try Dermapen
A very wise decision! One that you will not regret. Dermapen is the definitive answer to almost every skin problem. It is the gold standard solution to lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, pigmentation, open pores, acne, scarring and so much more. Depending on the issue you want to treat, you may be recommended 1, 3 or 6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Maintenance afterwards may be just once per year. It really is one of the BEST and most cost effective solutions available and if you can tough out 3-4 Dermapen treatments, then you’re going to LOVE your before and after pics. Read more here.

I’ve tried Dermapen, but would like to try something else to correct my skin
We understand, some of us are more sensitive than others. But here’s the upside…
Dermapen is over and done with in less than 7 minutes. Yes it’s a little uncomfortable over the forehead and top lip, but this would only equate to probably 3 minutes …and the results can last up to 2 years! But, if you just can’t face it, then we have some other fantastic options for you. These include:

LED Light Therapy
Oxygen Facials
Pro Dermal Peels

Sometimes you may need just one of these Advanced Medispa Treatments, or sometimes you may need a program utilizing a combination of the above, depending on your skin condition.

A specialty of ours, is to create programs that are individually tailored just for you and we may give you up to 3 different priced options which may include a bronze, silver or gold package. The cost for your personalized advanced skin care workout will be redeemable on any package you decide to take up. You can choose to have a $30 Advanced Skin Consultation ONLINE or book an appointment IN-SPA