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Jocelyn, Cove Spa Owner

 Beauty Career began 1998. 
Opened Cove Spa in 2002. 
I believe my longevity as a Beauty Therapist comes down to my absolute love of making people feel good about themselves. While no longer ‘hands on’ in the treatment room, I still love to create and choreograph the beautiful packages on offer and enjoy training our staff to perform the services with as much love and commitment as I have. I am proud of the numerous national awards we have won over the years and I am committed to the growth and development of my team and business.

Alyse, Cove Spa Manager

Spa Experience began 2004
Began at Cove Spa in 2020.
Owner Comments: Alyse brings a wealth of Spa Management experience to her role here at Cove Spa. New Zealand born, Alyse has managed luxury Spa’s in London and comes to Cove direct from Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. She is an excellent communicator, she is professional, efficient and will go out of her way to help you. Alyse will be there to welcome most guests at the front desk and co-ordinate our team, but is also a very skilled Therapist one day per week at Cove.

Kerri, Cove Spa Assistant Manager & Head Therapist

Beauty Career began 2004.
Began at Cove Spa in 2014.
Owner Comments: Kerri is another longstanding Cove employee who is dedicated to excellence and has been an ABIA finalist for Beauty Therapist of the Year 3 times in the past. She is a bubbly, friendly person who is very popular with both clients and staff. While she excels at everything on our menu, her passion lies in treating skin conditions with our more advanced Medispa modalities. She is a perfectionist in every way, which is why she is appointed Assistant Manager and in charge of Therapist quality control at Cove Spa.



Georgia, Cove Spa Senior Therapist

Began Beauty in 2012.
Began at Cove Spa in 2017.
Owner Comments: Georgia is fast becoming one of our most requested Therapists. She is always smiling, bubbly and professional and she has strong, firm hands. She particularly excels in Facial treatments, being able to analyse the skin and offer recommendations. Having sensitive skin herself, she finds she attracts many guests with similar issues and she goes above and beyond to help them. Her product knowledge is outstanding and she is another all-rounder who I would happily recommend for ANY treatment on offer from our spa menu. She really goes the extra mile for her guests which is why she is such a popular choice.

Sheila, Cove Spa Senior Therapist

Began in Beauty 2010.
Began at Cove Spa in 2015.
Owner Comments: Sheila is a highly experienced, trusted, efficient and capable Therapist. She is a longstanding, loyal employee who is always fully booked and guests will need to book in advance to see her.

Another expert all-rounder who is capable of very firm massage pressure, Sheila is a very confident skin therapist and excels at ALL services on our menu. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sheila and her kind, caring friendly nature and excellent skills make her another popular choice with guests.

Kat, Cove Spa Co-Ordinator

Began in Beauty 2008.
Began at Cove Spa in 2009.
Owner Comments: Kat is efficient, caring and will always go above and beyond to help anyone. She predominantly works on our busy front desk co-ordinating the staff and guests on a Wednesday. She does get a bit tongue tied when she’s under pressure, but she more than makes up for that with her heart of gold. If you’re lucky enough to catch her filling in for staff on leave you won’t be disappointed. Kat is an outstanding Beauty Therapist, who knows our extensive spa menu like the back of her hand being our longest standing employee. She is excellent at offering advice to anyone regarding services or products.

Jewel, Cove Spa Senior Therapist

Began Beauty in 2013.
Began at Cove Spa in 2020.
Favourite Treatments: Anything in the Spa realm; Massages, Facials. Also Make Up
Owner Comments: Jewel’s knowledge, understanding of and ability ‘to read’ the body during a massage is outstanding and she is extremely intuitive. Just 5 minutes spent in her care will have you feeling relaxed and re-energised. You can be assured of a world class spa treatment with Jewel.

Farnoosh, Cove Spa Senior Therapist

Began Beauty in 2009.
Began at Cove Spa in 2020.
Favourite Treatments: Advanced Skin Treatments such as Dermapen, Peels, and Hydrafacial.
Least Favourite: waxing
Owner Comments: Farnoosh is a lovely, kind, caring person. Skin is her passion, and she is currently studying Kinesiology part time too. She is very good at analysing the skin and making recommendations for her guests. Having worked predominantly in a clinical setting in the past, her advanced understanding of the skin is brilliant. 

Jessica, Cove Spa Therapist

Began Beauty in 2017.
Began at Cove Spa in 2020..
Favourite Treatments: Facials and Make Up
Owner Comments: Jessica is another kind, beautiful soul who displays excellent customer service. Jess loves the spa and relaxation side. She is currently studying Make Up Artistry which she is very passionate about. Her hands are soothing yet strong and her friendly, outgoing nature makes her a joy to coach being relatively new to our menu and brand.