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Signature Spa Rituals

A perpetual flow of innovative spa body and facial experiences. Combining our most popular services.

Cove Body Ritual 1hr, $155

-Welcome Ritual

-Pure Fiji Body Scrub

-Rainfall Shower

-Pure Fiji Body Butter Hydration

Cove Spa Retreat 1.5 hrs, $225

Our most popular combinations

-Welcome Ritual

-Foot Soak & Scrub

-40 mins Sixth Sense Massage

-Essentials Massage 

Foreshore Freedom 1.5 hrs, $225

An ideal spa treat for the face, back, legs and feet.

-Welcome Ritual

-Leg & Foot Massage

-Back Massage & Pure Fiji Back Scrub

-Essentials Facial

Riverside Relaxation 2.5 hrs, $360

This heavenly scented package is the ultimate in relaxation.

-Welcome Ritual

-Pure Fiji Body Scrub

-Milk Bath

-Aromatic Body Butter Massage

-Body Wrap

-Essentials Facial

Signature Spa Rituals: Treatments
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